Public Benefits

The most direct benefit 300 Cannery Row offers to residents and visitors is it rehabilitates a side of Cannery Row that is in dire need, including:

  • Creates a community on Cannery Row, outside of tourism
  • Opens to the public an empty, unused cannery with public access
  • Historical promenade and exhibits about the boom and bust of Cannery Row
  • Monterey Bay Observation Deck to be constructed
  • Street Level retail shop
  • Coastal commercial space dedicated to organizations with a coastal purpose
  • Enhanced coastal recreation opportunities
  • Coastal access where there is currently none
  • Additional inclusionary units upon water availability
  • LEED gold equivalent, eco-friendly and environmentally safe
What is 300 Cannery Row?

300CR is an adaptive reuse of an existing historical building completed in 1945, The Aenaes Cannery. It will provide residents and visitors to Monterey with a mixed use destination. We respect historical sustainability, and this adaptive reuse is necessary to ensure preservation of a historical resource.

What is a mixed use project?

Mixed use is a planning strategy that fosters community growth by blending residential with commercial and cultural uses. For example, 300CR serves the community, economy, public health, and the environment by transforming the interior of the Aenaes Cannery with ten (10) residential units, retail, and coastal commercial space dedicated to preserving the cannery’s history and community. This variety of uses allows for people to live, work, play and shop in one place, which then becomes a destination for people from other neighborhoods.

What stage is the project?

300 Cannery Row has been approved by the City of Monterey Planning Commission, Architectural Review Committee, and Historical Preservation Commission.

Next, we apply to the City Council and California Coastal Commission.

When does construction start?

We are currently in the entitlement phase. Construction begins soon after. Check back soon for updates on our progress.

Who designed 300CR?

Local and award winning architect, Paul E. Davis.

Will there be onsite parking?

Because 300CR is a historic preservation effort, parking could not be built within the structure. Thus, included in the site is offsite parking across the way on Foam Street.

When will units become available?

Join the 300CR email list to keep up to date with our progress and availability.